Professional Dance Program
Regular Dance Classes

RADA™ also has classes for regular people who do not see dance as a medium of income or profession but just want to dance because that makes them happy. So if you think you just want to learn dancing in a Beginners, Elementary or Advance level please join our regular dance classes. Regular Dance classes starts with a basic warm up- cardio, isolations and stretches followed by some simple dance technique and choreography. Class ends with a beautiful holistic prayer.

Tiny Tots (3-6 years):
Basic Creative movements of Dance

Kids Batches (7-14 years):
Kids Beginners | Kids Advance

Adult Batches (15 years and above):
Adult Beginners | Adult Beginners Advance | Adults Elementary | Adults Elementary Advance | Adults Intermediate | Adults Scholarship program for Professionals

Mamma Mia (Only for ladies):
A special batch dedicated to the ladies young or old, to stay fit and young forever. Learn to groove in the latest Bollywood hits and stay fit with the fitness therapies conducted in the classes.